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What is web hosting?

A web hosting service is needed to run a website and make it readily available on the worldwide web. Also, web hosting server is used to store files, folders and other content of website. These servers make the stored contents available for anyone who requests for them. So basically, web hosting server is your gateway to enter the online world and reach out to anyone who requires any information or product or services you have. In simple words, web hosting is a service that allow all of us to showcase their website over the internet.

How Web Hosting works,

let’s look at an example. Just imagine you want to start a new business for selling books. And for that, you have to open up a bookstore somewhere in your town. You can simply register stores name, bring books, and necessary things required. But none of that will matter unless you rent out a physical space, or any store to set up your shop. And that’s what web hosting is all about.

Their hosting is just a service where you are able to rent space on the internet, fill it with all your files, and media, etc. Then you allow everyone to enter into it by publishing your website live to the world. Now, what are the types of web hosting server?

There are different types of web hosting services have been designed to the demand of different kinds of business and professionals. here look at the four main types of web hosting.

Shared Hosting

The very first is shared hosting. shared hosting server is a server that serves multiple websites simultaneously.

The server is reasonably priced and works best for small business. The second is dedicated hosting dedicated hosting server serves single sites dedicated it offer high performance and security however it costs quite a lot.

VPS Hosting

Next is virtual private server that is VPS hosting. A virtual private server also serves several website at a time. However, it renders better performance compared to the shade server.

Cloud Hosting

The last is cloud hosting. cloud hosting service employs a number of remote servers. Each of these has its own set of responsibilities. So if any of the server goes down, the other can make up for it.

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