Reseller web hosting is that type of web hosting where one can purchase the server space, builds his own market himself, and offers it to his own client himself. The majority of the resellers are web designers, consultants, or marketers. They wish to give their clients a full package with hosting included. As the person is offering a service for sale, provided by others, it is very much essential that he should have faith in the provider. While browsing the internet one will get a list of the service providers. He can select the best and most cost affordable and reliable reseller deals.

Reseller web hosting is that sort of web hosting where the owner of the account can split up their chosen hard drive space and bandwidth and resell web hosting. Generally, the web consultants, web developers, and designers, and web or system integration companies are the resellers. They offer web hosting as an additional service besides their main jobs. A discount of 50 percent or more is given often by the web hosting provider to the reseller on the price of a reseller hosting account.  Usually, the web hosting resellers do not maintain the service of the webserver or they are not responsible for maintenance work. If any technical snag arises like server down, the problem of access, the owner of the dedicated service where the account of the reseller is hosted, has to solve the problem.

A web hosting company can be set up by a web hosting reseller on the internet and begins to sell different plans on web hosting. In this case, their own branded name can be used. GUI Control Panel (Graphical user Interface) makes web host reselling very easy. Custom Control panels are offered by some of the reseller programs but a maximum number of reseller programs give the noted control panel.