Sometimes the providers charge a fixed price in a month for decided service for specific software packages inclusion. The significant market opportunity to bundle their software with dedicated servers was realized by the software vendors over the years. Since then they have introduced pricing models that permit the dedicated service providers the capacity to buy and resell software that is based on low monthly payment. Software licenses are offered by Microsoft through a program called the service provider license agreement. Through a monthly user or processor-based free use of the Microsoft products are provided by the SPLA model. Windows operating system, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft exchange server, Microsoft share point, and Shoutcast hosting, and many other server-based products are included in SPLA software.

Control panels are specialized in web hosting specific programs. These are the available software applications. The Control panel includes a set of software applications, server applications, and automation tools. A dedicated server includes all these applications. Integration into web servers, database application, programming language, application deployment, server administration tasks is included in the control panel. The control panel can automate tasks via a web-based front end. The Control panel is packaged with the most dedicated servers. One should not confuse the control panel with the management tools. In reality, it is a web-based automation tool. It helps to automate the process of website creation and manage the server. A full server management solution by a dedicated hosting provider does not match with the control panel. So one should not confuse the control panel as a full-service management solution.

The ability to select the software is offered by the dedicated service providers. That selected the customer wants to install on the dedicated server. Based on the overall usage of the servers your choice of the operating system, database, and specific application are included in this. These providers can customize and tailor the servers which sill meet the customer‘s needs and requirements.