A virtual private server is the better option for those, who are searching for that hosting which will make a bridge between shared and dedicated web hosting. The price and disk space vary while a virtual private server comes into operation. To select a virtual private server, one has to browse the internet and he will get a lot of information about the virtual private server. Make a list and decide which is best suitable for you.

A virtual dedicated server is another name of the virtual private server. A form of virtualization is displayed by them which divides a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. In mainframe computers, it has been commonly noticed this practice of dividing a single virtual server to make it appear as multiple visual servers. The development of software and technologies like VMWARE, Xen, Free, BSD Jail, User-mode Linux, Linux V server, Free VPS, Open VZ, and Virtuozzo has changed the market scenario.

In the scenario of internet hosting service, virtual private makes a bridge between the gap of shared web hosting service and dedicated hosting service and are building the base of many hosting companies. Grass root-level access to a single client is allowed by them. It removes the problem of a physical dedicated server. Business and individuals use them which demand a customized solution

Virtual Private server also gains popularity for their capacity to set up sandboxes. A single private server has two running virtual private servers. One hosts a live website and the other has a copy of it. When important parts of the software have to be updated, the user can test it in the second VPS. Virtual private servers provide honeypots. It allows a machine to intentionally run the software with known security defects. Multiple virtual private servers can be deployed on a single computer quickly. Honeypots make the computer more secure.