From the internet one can get plenty of information about the best windows hosting providers Note down the name of the web hosting companies. Then You can compare the price list, space of disk, bandwidth, and the domain number which one can host with his account. You can decide according to your need. Then you select your provider.

Microsoft Windows software is used by windows based web hosting provider to drive its server. Windows hosts are allowed by the operating system to give their clients Microsoft

licensed application and technology like ASP, NET, Visual Basic, Visual Interdev, and cold fusion. Straight forward support is ensured by windows hosting for websites developed with Microsoft FrontPage. Besides, one has to make certain that the company gives support to the front page extension one is using for his site. Unix/Linux based hosting providers does not support other Microsoft applications.

A familiar environment for administration is provided by windows hosting. It also manages one’s website. If one feels comfortable while using windows on his home or computer work, he will face it without any difficulties to start maintaining his site.

If any customer wants to develop or use a lot of windows based applications on his website, then it is best suitable to opt for Windows hosting. If one plans to integrate his site with an access database, then windows hosting is best for the users. The access database would have to be converted by you which is a little bit difficult.

A good windows host not only supports your windows based application but also offers other features like adequate disk space and bandwidth, email, FTP access, control panel, e-commerce, windows compatible scripts, and supports for applications like weblogs, discussion forums, live chat, photo galleries and more.